SEMANTIC WEB for the WORKING ONTOLOGIST cuts through the hype around the Semantic Web, providing a simple, feasible, coherent story of a technology that provides real business value today. Authors Allemang and Hendler describe how the Semantic Web builds on the same principles that powered the success of Wikipedia, and of the World Wide Web itself.


2012 September. For those of you who read Greek, Working Ontologist is avaiable in your language!  Many thanks to Dr. Konstantinos Kotis of the VTT Technical Center in Tampere, Finland for spearheading the project.

2011 August.  Someone asked for an archive of all the example files - it is finally avaialble here. I'm tracking down all the examples for the second edition (it's out now!) so those will be here, too.  The chapter numbers have changed, so we'll have to re-organize the site. 

2011 March. Second Edition manuscript off to Elsevier, and we've seen the proofs of the first few chapters.  The new format looks great.  It is a lot easier to see the structure of the book.  I've caught errors in this proof that were in the first edition, but nobody caught them (including us, during the update to second edition!).  I think quality control is going to be easier in this edition.

2010 August. We have started work on a Second Edition.  We are of course way behind on the writing, but we know some of the topics we'll cover:  SPARQL, SKOS 2, OWL 2. 

2009 March.  Okay, I am a bit behind the times.  Panlibus magazine has a review of Working Ontologist.  Check out page 19.

2009 Feb 27.  I have received a number of emails showing interest in a Russian edition of Working Ontologist.  Thanks to everyone who has sent me letters of support - Morgan-Kaufmann is exploring possibilities with a Russian publisher to produce a translation.  We'll keep our fingers crossed!  Of course, anyone who knows the publishing industry knows that such a project typically takes a year to a year and a half before the book is actually available.  So do keep your fingers crossed, but don't hold your breath!

2009 Feb.  Fig 5.1 now listed on the Errata page.

2009 Jan.  The Korean edition is available online from a number of booksellers - the cheapest seems to be Naver.

2009 Jan. Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist is scheduled to go into second printing!  Thanks to everyone who submitted errata here and in email.  We're going through all the errors, collating them for the second printing.  Thanks for helping us improve the book!

2008 Nov 18 Scitech Books, Korea, with cooperation from TopQuadrant Korea, announces the upcoming publication of the Korean translation of SEMANTIC WEB for the WORKING ONTOLOGIST. This publication addresses the growing market in Asia in general, and Korea in particular, for Semantic Web applications and technology. Expected release date is Dec 15, 2008.

About The Authors

Dean Allemang is the CEO and Principal Consultant at Working Ontologist, LLC, where he helps companies deploy Semantic Web solutions.  Services include training, keynote talks, solution planning, technology selection, data conversion, ontology architecture and modeling.

Dr. Allemang explores more about the Semantic Web on his blog.

Jim Hendler is the Tetherless World Senior Constellation Chair at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He also serves as the associate director of the Web Science Research Initiative, headquartered at MIT. He has authored approximately 200 technical papers in the areas of artificial intelligence, the Semantic Web, agent-based computing, and high performance processing.

Further information is available on Dr. Hendler's biographical page.