The data from Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist is hosted at provides a home for datasets on the web, based on Semantic Web standards. All the datasets are available on this page for download, or you can query them directly at on the Queries pages on this website.

Chapter 3

Product.tsv is the tab-delimited data for Challenge 1.

Product.ttl is the same data in RDF

Chapter 6

Authors.ttl - Data about the book's authors for queries in Chapter 6.

Customers.ttl - Total customer sales for a rule about Preferred Customers in Chapter 6.

dbpediaXREF.ttl - Cross-reference between dbpedia and the James Dean data in Chapter 6.

DirectorActorCrosswalk - A single cross-reference between Clint Eastwood the Director and Clint Eastwood the Actor for Chapter 6.

Family.ttl - Data for family relationships for queries in Chapter 6.

FamiltyRules.ttl - Data for family relationships including rules.

JamesDean.ttl - Basic data about James Dean, his movies, and his co-stars.

linkedMDB.ttl - A copy of the Linked Movie Data base.

From O. Hassanzadeh and M. P. Consens. 2009. Linked movie data base. In Proceedings of the WWW2009 Workshop on Linked Data on the Web (LDOW2009), Madrid, Spain, April 20, 2009.

Sales.ttl - Sales data by year for queries in Chapter 6.

Chapter 7

Shopping.ttl Clothing catalog data for inferences in Chapter 7.

Chapter 8

Library.ttl Hierarchy of properties relating patrons to book status in a library.

Married.ttl Simple example about maiden and married names.

Sales.ttl An example of a poor way and a good way to merge data sets using RDFS.

Ship.ttl Some made-up data about famous ships.

TheFirm.ttl Made-up data about consultants working for an imaginary company.

Chapter 9

Ancestry.ttl A family tree with ancestry inferences

AncestryInferences.ttl RDFS Inferences from Ancestry.ttl

Family9.ttl Definition of Family relationships

IceCream.ttl A recipe for ice-cream represented in RDF. It's not very healthy, but it is delicious.

ManyNamesOfShakespeare.ttl Just a single cross-reference from one identifier for Shakespeare to another. This is used to combine different data sets about Shakespeare.

ProductCrosswalk.ttl A handful of cross-references from one product data set to another.

SPR.ttl Data for the Shakespeare example, coming from the Stratford Parish Registry.

Stones.ttl A light-hearted example using the Rolling Stones. Not a lot of data here, so if you were expecting a catalog of songs or something like that, you won't get no satisfaction.

Chapter 10

bdb_equivalences.ttlEquivalence relations from Bridgedb (}

CC.ttl List of US Counties and their locations, as found in

ClassificationOfReports Automatically derived dataset from FHEO reports. Based on the reported bias, a report is classified into the corresponding category.

FHEO-Filed-Cases.xlsx The dataset is a list of all the Title VIII fair housing cases filed by FHEO from 1/1/2007 - 12/31/2012 (from

FHEOMeta.ttl RDFS model of the types of violation described in FHEO-Filed-Cases.xlsx. This includes higher-level abstractions as well.

FHEORDF Automatically generated file that includes all the data about the FHEO reported cases in RDF. This includes the inferences into complaint classifications.

Plush.ttl Description of offerings at the Plush Beauty Bar day spa. This data does not represent any real offers by the Plush Beauty Bar, which is no longer in operation.

sio-release.rdf Simple Integrated ontology for types and relations of processes and their attributes. Used by bridgedb to identify relationships between entities.

Chapter 11

Snapshot of AGROVOC from April 1, 2019. No, it's not an April Fool's joke.

skos-core.ttl Simple Knowledge Organization Scheme W3C Standard for thesauri and controlled vocabularies.

Chapter 12

ADA90.ttl Expressing legislative restrictions in OWL. I am not a lawyer, so the accuracy of this interpretation of the Americans with Disabilities Act is probably not accurate.

Baseball.ttl Definitions of classes of baseball teams and players, using Japanese baseball leagues and teams as examples.

CableProvider.ttl Data about how to troubleshoot cable services, based on the questionnaire model in Questionnaire.ttl.

foaf.ttl Friend-of-a-Friend model for social networking

Questionnaire.ttl Model of a questionnaire; questions, answers, and dependencies.

ShakespearesChildren.ttl A model using the class-individual-mirror pattern to describe the children of William Shakespeare.

Vegetarian.ttl Definitions in OWL for Vegetarians

Chapter 13

Baseball13.ttl Definitions of baseball concepts in OWL. Many inferences can be drawn without looking at the data at all.

JamesDean13.ttl Definitions of classes regarding owning movies in OWL. Demonstrates reasoning about cardinalities in an Open World.

JamesDean13X.ttl Additional definitions about James Dean movies.

Chapter 14

chebi.skos.ttl Chemicals of Biological Interest, re-expressed in SKOS.

chebi.ttl Chemicals of Biological Interest, snapshot sourced from in 2019.

chebi_core.ttl Core definitions and basic information for CHEBI, Chemicals of Biological Interest, snapshot sourced from in 2019.

ro.ttl OBO Relations Ontology as described in

SCHEMA_QUDT_SCIENCE_v2.0.ttl Snapshot of v2.0 of the QUDT Science ontology . See

SCHEMA_QUDT-v2.0.ttl Snapshot of v2.0 of the QUDT Science ontology . See

VOCAB_QUDT-DIMENSION-VECTORS-v2.0.ttl Dimension systems for physical quantities and units in QUDT v 2.0. See .

VOCAB_QUDT-QUANTITY-KINDS-SI-v2.0.ttl Quantity Kinds for SI units from QUDT. See .

VOCAB_QUDT-UNITS-BASE-v2.0.ttl Base ontology for units in v2.0 of QUDT . See .

VOCAB_QUDT-UNITS-SPACE-AND-TIME-v2.0.ttl QUDT Units for Space and Time v2.0. See .

VOCAB_QUDT-UNITS-THERMODYNAMICS-v2.0.ttl QUDT Thermodynamics Units v2.0. See

Chapter 15

Classism.ttl Anti-pattern of Classism.

Ocean.ttl Anti-pattern of subclass as restriction