All the queries in the book are available on these pages. You can run the queries, edit them, play around. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt them; you are working on your own temporary copy of the data.

Next to each query, you'll see the visit query on icon. You can click through to the page for that query.

The queries are organized in small sets, with some thematic unity. It takes a few seconds to load the query editor in each page; please be patient until they all show up.

Queries from Chapter 6

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Queries 1-3: Queries about James Dean movies

Queries 4-5: Queries about James Dean's leading ladies

Queries 6-9: Queries about James Dean and John Ford

Queries 10-13: Queries focusing on James Dean himself

Queries 14-15: Generic queries

Queries 16-17: Queries about the movie Giant

Queries 18-20: Queries about young people

Queries 21-22: Queries about biographical data

Query 23: Query about actors who are not producers

Queries 24-25: Queries about Schrödinger’s Elizabeth Taylor

Query 26: Query about Giants born after 1950

Queries 27-28: Queries about who people are

Queries 29-30: Queries about family relationships

Query 31: Query about preferred customers

Query 32: Query about generalizing the parent relation

Queries 33a-33d: Queries about generalizing the parent relation with gender

Queries 34-37: Queries about Joe's descendants

Queries 38-40: Queries about matching directors/actors

Query 42: Query about self-directing actors

Queries 43-45: Querying subsets of the data

Queries 46-48: Query about James Dean and the dates his movies were released

Query 49-51: Query about James Dean’s first movie, and other first things.

Query 52:Query about how many movies James Dean appeared in

Queries 54-56: Queries about sales figures

Queries 57-58: Further queries about sales figures

Query 60: Query about actors in Rebel or Giant

Query 61: Query about generalizing the parent relation

Queries 62-64: Queries about names

Queries 65-66: Further queries about names

Query 67: Query involving federating with

Queries 68-69: Queries about birth names of actors in Giant

Queries from Chapter 10

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Query 1: Query about services under $100

Query 2: Query involving classifying cases by tags

Query 3: Query involving matching counties with reports

Queries 4-5: Queries involving location

Queries from Chapter 14

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Query 1: Query involving finding commensurate units

Query 2: Query involving converting n from FromUnits to To Units

Queries 6-7: Queries involving comparisons

Queries 8-9: Queries about time

Queries 10-12: Queries involving dimensions