The data for this query can be downloaded at FHEORDF. This query is just one of many classification queries that convert a flag (a 1 or 0 in a column in a spreadsheet) to a class in OWL.

Query ch10.2 Classify cases by tags visit query on

Each row represents an FHEA case; if there is a '1' in the column number_of_filed_cases_with_a_disability_basis, then this case is about discrimination with a bias against a disability. This query changes this numeric indicator into membership in the class "Disability". A case can be classified in more than one class; this query only looks for Disability bias cases.

Query ch10.2 Supplemental Classify cases by tags visit query on

This query isn't in the book; it is a UNION of all the queries of the form Query ch10.2, one for each classification. This classifies all of the FHEA data into all of the classifications.

This is the query that is used to create the data set that other queries use going forward.